Intern Abroad

Nicaragua Internship 

Interns will work directly with in country GSE staff in the management and maintenance of school gardens. In addition to the focus on nurturing highly productive gardens interns will play a crucial role in the implementation of local revegetation projects.

Interns will live with a Nicaraguan family for the duration of their time in Chacraseca. During this time student will take on individual ecological projects in collaboration with their host family (ie small scale reforestation projects, sustainable garden development, rain water collection), and support Global Student Embassy’s year round local projects that focus on environmental education through high-production school gardens. These programs educate students on the strategies  and benefits of biointensive farming, while producing supplemental nutrients for primary school lunches. Externs will integrate themselves into the local community, and have opportunities to explore Nicaragua.

Length: 2-4 months

Cost: Dependent on timeframe and skill set (approximately $100-200/week including room & board)

  • At the beginning of each week interns will meet with GSE staff to delineate tasks and activities for the coming week.
  • Every morning Monday through Friday interns will work with in-country staff at school gardens. Afternoons will be used for spending time with host family and exploring home project needs. (During weekend interns will have at their leisure to explore other parts of Nicaragua.)
  • Management and maintenance of school gardens.
  • Participation in the education of students in the garden and organization of garden workdays.
  • Communicate with host family as to their needs in the home and collaborate with them in implementing said project.
  • Speaks conversational Spanish
  • Experience traveling in a developing country in preferred but not required
  • Interest in sustainable agriculture, cultural immersion and hands-on solutions
  • Ability to adapt to a new culture and willingness to experience a more humble way of life
  • Self-started and ability to work independently
  • Organized and effective communicator
  • Seeks information from mentors and colleagues regarding the history, purpose and mission of Global Student Embassy in Nicaragua.
Requirements for Applicants 

Please email resume, cover letter to

Ecuador Internship 

Our Ecuador internship will give you the opportunity  garner and practice theory surrounding ecological restoration and tropical dry forest ecology.  Interns will systematically maintain and care for GSE’s reforested tropical dry forest trees, and help measure the success of our reforestation in order to inform and optimize future revegetation methods and efforts.

Length: 2-4 months

Cost: Dependent on timeframe and skill set (approximately $200-300/week including room & board)

  • To learn how to identify, the characteristics and ecology of all of the principal tree species that we work with
  • To learn and practice basic steps to tree maintenance and stewardship (identification, seed collection, propagation, soil preparation, transplanting, cleaning and watering)
  • To get familiar with reforestation sites from the past three years, and mark them in a systematic way using a GPS
  • Establish marking system for tree species and mark them accordingly
  • Take diligent records of GPS positioning, tree species locations, and other to be determined metrics
  • Work closely with the team and collaborators in Ecuador – frequent communication
  • Success analysis of reforestation sites from most recent 3 years
  • Speaks conversational spanish
  • Background in environmental science, ecology and evolution, integrative science, or other relevant field
  • Able to endure a high degree of strenuous activity in hot, humid and remote conditions
  • Familiar with the scientific method and basic scientific procedure
  • Solid critical thinking abilities, and able to evaluate and synthesize information well
  • Highly organized
  • Desire to advance personal career in the direction of conservation biology, ecological restoration, or other relevant field
  • Ideologically aligned with the mission and approach of GSE
Requirements for Applicants 

Please email resume, cover letter, and scientific writing example to