Association Fenix (Asofenix)

Nicaraguan partner

Asofenix Mission: Contribute to improving living conditions and food security of rural households by promoting and implementing renewable energy sources, the appropriate use of local resources and promote sustainable production patterns with a community approach and gender equity.

Our partnership: Asofenix has been working as a Nicaraguan non governmental organization for 15 years. Our partnership with AsoFenix allows our programs in Nicaragua to thrive. Collaboration with them is central to our school garden program’s growth and success. Asofenix’s expertise in implementing environmentally appropriate and sustainable technologies has helped us install grey water catchment materials and provide relevant training. Working alongside AsoFenix ensures that we more effectively contribute to the development and strengthening of the capacities of the rural population, in order to improve income, employment opportunities, food security and living conditions

Fundacion para Investigation y el Desarollo Social (FIDES)

Ecuadorian partner

FIDES Mission: FIDES promotes the active participation of the population in order to build alternative social, economic and environmental policies in the framework of the cultural characteristics of the population. Our work is characterized by incorporating an equity approach, caring for the environment, strengthening popular economies, and interagency coordination in order to achieve human development in the groups who we work with.

Our partnership: FIDES, based out of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador is a local Ecuadorian led non governmental organization. Our partnership is focused on harnessing the strength in community empowerment, the creation of leaders, environmental education, Tropical Dry Forest reforestation and research to implement sustainable projects that support local social resilience and environmental restoration. By leveraging collaborations with school and community members, we achieve a maximum impact in both educational and ecological terms. Our partnership with FIDES allows us to make a lasting positive impact on the landscape of social and environmental resilience and restoration through our projects based in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. Our work together includes training workshops in tree production, reforestation, forest enrichment, natural resource protection, the importance of culture and its relationship to forests, and the flora and fauna communities that can be found in this area.