Analy High School


GSE began at Analy 10 years ago and continues to have a strong following to this day. GSE students at Analy work hard to maintain the Jeremiah Chass Memorial Garden on campus, as well as a ¼ acre community garden in the heart of Sebastopol. The students are passionate about immersing themselves in the community and partnering with organizations to address local issues. In 2017, the GSE students at Analy partnered with local climate action group 350Sonoma to develop a compost and recycling plan to reduce campus waste. The program is completely student-led and has about 70 volunteers today.

The GSE club at Analy meets Mondays at lunch in room L1, and has garden workdays Mondays after school at the Village Park garden and Thursdays after school on campus.

Eco-Action Club

Mondays at lunch,
Room L1

Garden Workdays

Mondays after school,
Village Park Garden

Every other Thursday after school, Analy Garden

Sonoma Fellowship

Every other Tuesday

Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art, and Politics


Get Involved

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View Your School Trip

Work alongside students in Latin America on projects in their communities, practice your Spanish, experience the culture and natural beauty of their country and reflect on your growth as a leader.

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Apply To Be A Fellow

Develop projects with your peers that address pressing social and environmental issues, while building leadership skills (and an impressive resume!) in a fun and safe environment.



Meet Your Educator, Harlie Rankin


Harlie is from Washington and graduated from Seattle University with a BA in Environmental Studies focusing on Urban Sustainability, and minors in Spanish and Public Affairs. She was first introduced to Global Student Embassy when she went on one of our trips to Bahía, Ecuador with her university. Harlie went on to work as an Exchange Coordinator in Ecuador, leading several trips in Bahia and Cuenca.

Harlie now works with four high schools and, most notably, the Village Park garden, a 1/2 acre community garden in the heart of Sebastopol. The Sonoma GSE program is deeply rooted in the county’s unique agricultural and environmental leadership network, and students work closely with other organizations to best address issues in the community.  Harlie is passionate about raising up the leaders of tomorrow and best equipping them for the environmental and social challenges that lie ahead.