Acalanes High School

Acalanes Nicaragua Summer 2017

Boaco, Nicaragua

June 14-June 23, 2017

I definitely gained more confidence and I’m not as shy anymore. I’ve begun to care less of what people think of me and I feel that I can handle anything that comes my way. Mary Rose Ohlin

GSE Student

Zoe grew up in Marin County, California, where her love of nature developed into a passion to defend the environment and educate others. Zoe graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara, earning a B.A. in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainable Development. While pursuing her degree, she worked for several local nonprofits that focused on providing comprehensive environmental education to students. Through her work at schools she discovered the crucial importance of educating the next generation in order to protect the future of our environment. After graduating, Zoe worked for Marin Sanitary Service, the first curbside recycling collection facility in the nation. As the Outreach and Education Program Coordinator she worked to develop and provide curriculums, informative resources, and direct outreach to schools to help the county reach the zero waste goals. She is excited collaborate and bring her experience to schools in the Contra Costa area. When not working, Zoe spends her time enjoying the outdoors and doing crossfit. Zoe speaks English, French, and some Spanish. Contact Zoe at gro.y1503229316ssabm1503229316etned1503229316utsla1503229316bolg@1503229316eoz1503229316
Zoe Pearl – Contra Costa Program Coordinator

Contra Costa County Program Coordinator

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Global Student Embassy at Acalanes
GSE partnered with Jada Paniagua at Acalanes in 2013 to revive the above ground garden through her environmental science class. The following year the GSE club in partnership with the environmental science class built a 19 bed bio-intensive mini farm to grow hundreds of pounds of food for donation to White Pony Express. The garden at Acalanes has become a place for outdoor learning for APES, Environmental Science, Statistics, Biology, and Spanish.
The community is a place of the highest importance. I have learned to be more honest and helpful within a group; providing constructive criticism and doing my share. Knowing how to work together is what makes a community. Jamison Burks

GSE Student