Las Lomas High School

Las Lomas Ecuador Spring Break 2018

Bahia, Ecuador
March 30- April 8, 2018

I definitely gained more confidence and I’m not as shy anymore. I’ve begun to care less of what people think of me and I feel that I can handle anything that comes my way.

Mary Rose Ohlin

GSE Student

Prior to joining GSE, Julia was Sustainability Program Coordinator at California State University Channel Islands and an Environmental Youth Mentor/Educator with NOAA. As a youth mentor, she provided students from a local middle school with an opportunity to explore and research their local intertidal zones. After graduating she interned with the Presidio National Park as an Environmental Education intern, and strengthened her passion for EE. There she was moved by the understanding that in heavily urbanized areas young people need a bit of a push to take a walk on the wild side and aims to provide the foundation to foster that passion in youth. She wants to pursue further her education and receive a Master’s Degree in EE. 

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Julia Dorosh – Contra Costa Program Coordinator

Contra Costa County Program Coordinator

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Global Student Embassy at Las Lomas

In 2013 GSE was approached by a Junior at Las Lomas to build a garden. Within a few months, 6 redwood garden beds were built by volunteers and now grow a few hundred pounds of vegetables for donation each year. In 2014, GSE began partnering with the Foods 101 classes to create a farm to fork program where students can learn about healthy eating and sustainable farming while also cooking delicious meals.

The community is a place of the highest importance. I have learned to be more honest and helpful within a group; providing constructive criticism and doing my share. Knowing how to work together is what makes a community.

Jamison Burks

GSE Student