San Rafael High School

San Rafael Ecuador February Break 2018

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

February 17 – 25, 2018

I definitely gained more confidence and I’m not as shy anymore. I’ve begun to care less of what people think of me and I feel that I can handle anything that comes my way.

Mary Rose Ohlin

GSE Student

Driven by a desire to ‘give back’ to her community in suburban Los Angeles, Laura Robledo initiated her career in urban agriculture as an undergrad at California State University Northridge. For over six years she has been working as an activist and organizer around issues of food justice and urban agriculture in the Northeast San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. In 2009 Laura worked for a youth-driven nonprofit organization as Coordinator of the Project Youth Green community garden with its 60 families. And in 2013 she built MEND’s-Meet Each Need with Dignity Grow Together garden program, created to empower disadvantaged families to work towards self-reliance and greater food security through gardening. Having led the effort in providing 178 MEND families with home gardens, building a community of gardeners, volunteers and community partners, Laura finds growing food a way for people to connect with the environment and each other. She is a Certified UC Master Gardener with a degree in Political Science. Contact Laura at gro.y1508755572ssabm1508755572etned1508755572utsla1508755572bolg@1508755572arual1508755572

Laura Robledo – Marin Program Coordinator 

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Global Student Embassy at San Rafael

GSE’s program at San Rafael began last year building on the momentum of the return of the first trip to Nicaragua. Students formed a club that has focused primarily on the garden, doubling it’s size, installing drip irrigation, and planting fruit trees/bushes. Student have ambitions to continue to rejuvenate parts of campus, and work in the garden, but also are returning from their second trip excited to take on new projects and build a culture of inclusiveness within the club. GSE has taught one-off classes on composting and nutrient cycling, as well as introducing health classes to sustainable agriculture as part of their nutrition unit. We’ve also begun involving ELD students in garden workdays, and would like to increase involvement and collaboration with the greater SR community in the year to come. This coming year we hope to start an on-site high-volume composting program.

The community is a place of the highest importance. I have learned to be more honest and helpful within a group; providing constructive criticism and doing my share. Knowing how to work together is what makes a community.

Jamison Burks

GSE Student