Windsor High School

Windsor Nicaragua Spring Break 2018

Boaco, Nicaragua

March 31-April 8, 2018

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I definitely gained more confidence and I’m not as shy anymore. I’ve begun to care less of what people think of me and I feel that I can handle anything that comes my way.

Mary Rose Ohlin

GSE Student

I grew up in Southern California, but have lived in Washington state for the past 9 years. I graduated from Seattle University last June with my BA in Environmental Studies focusing on Urban Sustainability and minors in Spanish and Public Affairs. My interests include sustainable urban planning, environmental education, and organic farming and I even completed my college internship at a biodynamic farm outside of Seattle. I first got started with GSE as a student on a trip to Bahia last spring. I really resonated with the mission of the organization and started working with GSE as a trip coordinator in Bahia in February. I recently relocated from Seattle to Sonoma county to continue my work with GSE as a program coordinator! I feel very fortunate to have been involved with GSE for so long and to have a job right out of college that is everything I studied for. I also feel very grateful to work alongside such an amazing team! I speak English and Spanish. 🙂

Sonoma County Program Coordinator

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Global Student Embassy at Windsor High School

Global Student Embassy (GSE) uses hands-on eco-action projects and international cultural exchanges to provide students with life changing learning opportunities. Students develop ecological literacy and participate in grassroots international relations while building crucial 21st century skills such as cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

GSE’s partnership with Windsor High School goes back to 2010 when Windsor students worked in collaboration with both Tanzanian and Ecuadorian students to build a garden that was both beautiful and productive and served as a model for student eco-action in the more recent development of a garden at the Cali Calmécac Language Academy, a nearby K-8 school. We will be working with Windsor students, teachers, and administrators to provide in-depth programming and trip facilitation to our partner communities. Students from Windsor will engage in in-school and after-school garden programs and have a hand in each aspect of caring for the garden, planting, harvesting, turning beds, and more.

Windsor no longer has a garden space due to water issues, however the collaboration with the Cali garden provides incredible opportunities for youth to serve as mentors to younger students while identifying and beginning more new Eco-Action projects that might include growing fruit trees on campus or creating a bee and butterfly garden with drought tolerant beneficials and native plants.

The community is a place of the highest importance. I have learned to be more honest and helpful within a group; providing constructive criticism and doing my share. Knowing how to work together is what makes a community.

Jamison Burks

GSE Student

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