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*NOTE: Global Student Embassy is an independent organization and international trips are not school-sponsored or school-supported activities.

Cultural exchange is at the heart of our programs- solving the world’s environmental problems requires sustained local engagement, creativity, and global action.

GSE connects students involved in our local programs in the US, Nicaragua, and Ecuador to share ideas, build momentum, and work in partnership with their international peers.

Students engage year- round through video exchange, and our exchange programs.

Each year students from Ecuador and Nicaragua visit the US to connect and support local projects, and students from the US travel to Nicaragua and Ecuador to learn from, and build upon locally driven environmental movements.

Partners Nicaragua

GSE provides scholarships and fundraising support for lower-income students who want to go an exchange trip.

International Travel Destinations

Boaco, Nicaragua

Boaco, Nicaragua

Travel to Teustepe, a small city in the foothills of Nicaragua within the state of Boaco. Work alongside local student environmental leaders as we develop sustainable agriculture projects and other student-driven projects throughout the area. Discover local waterfalls, and bond with local leadership council students before traveling to Masaya and Granada to explore Nicaragua’s colonial cities, artisanal markets, and the isletas- volcano islands dotting the largest lake in Central America.
Bahia, Ecuador

Bahia, Ecuador

Travel to sunny Bahía de Caraquez, Ecuador and stay in the heart of this coastal city. Work alongside local students in in their greenhouses, collaborate on murals, then camp overlooking the beach, and engage with student-driven projects throughout the estuary. Enjoy tranquil evenings watching bio-luminescent waves as the sun sets, and adventure across Ecuador. Finish the trip with an adventure, down the coast, or into the cloud/rain forest.
Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador

Travel to colonial Cuenca, a cobblestoned city nestled high in the Andes of Ecuador. Support rural community farm cooperatives in the outskirts of Cuenca, collaborate with local leadership students on youth driven projects such as school sustainable agriculture initiatives. Visit busy artisanal markets, learn local dance, taste the food of the Andes, and explore nearby lakes, volcanoes, and snow-capped peaks. Cuenca is a UNESCO world heritage site, with much to teach.

Host an exchange student

Every year GSE hosts a group of exchange students from Nicaragua and Ecuador as part of our Reciprocal Exchange.