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How can we be and how can we cultivate responsible global citizens with 21st century skills?

The next generation of global leaders needs guidance and support to build skills in cross-cultural collaboration, communication, relationship-building, and innovative thinking, particularly across language, culture, economic, and other lines of diversity.

GSE offers a holistic program including cultural exchange and project-based learning rooted in solving urgent ecological problems while building sustainable local and international communities. We believe schools can be central hubs of community engagement that can change the health and sustainability of the community for years to come.

I do think that our generation can make a new healthy world. It seems as if more similar youth grass roots groups are evolving and this gives me hope that we can save our world. When we had workshops I was happy and empowered to see young kids sharing beautiful ideas that could change this world.

Isabella Ruiz

GSE Student, El Molino High School

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