High School Students

High School students support our international development projects, and run local eco-action programs Register for a Trip


Explore new cultures, push your boundaries, and get to know local communities. GSE trips engage students in hands-on environmental service projects alongside their international peers.

Local Action

ORGANIC AGRICULTURE, HUNGER AND HEALTH GSE students have led the design and building of 9 organic gardens in school or community spaces. Students practice sustainable farming techniques and model how we can collaboratively produce food that benefits the larger school communities. Harvests provide food for local food banks for terminally ill and underserved populations.


GSE participants contribute to local restoration efforts at Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation and Sonoma County Land Trust preservation sites. Students engage in a full spectrum of hands-on restoration work planting native trees, installing and removing restoration hardware, monitoring rare and endangered plant species, and learning about the function and importance of the habitat.