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Ecuador Summer 2017

Bahia, Cuenca, and the Galapagos

June 23 – July 3, (if going to the Galapagos)-July 7, 2017

Please note: this trip is open to all Bay Area high school students but we need 10 students in order to run the Galapagos trip. When registering for the Galapagos please select: “Ecuador Summer 2017 – Galapagos” as your trip and if just registering for Bahia and Cuenca please select “Ecuador Summer 2017″as your trip

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2 Weeks in Ecuador: Bahia & Cuenca + the Galapagos Islands

Make an impact, feel connected, change your life – engage in crucial coastal reforestation work, school gardens in the Andes Mountains, and an epic adventure to the Galapagos Islands!

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At a Glance

2 Weeks • all costs included • fundraising available

GSE’s most epic travel opportunity yet! Develop technical skills and the drive to change the world, experience and contribute to the birth of a youth environmental movement in the Ecuadorian Andes and Coast.

This unique 2 week trip will venture from the sun soaked coast of Ecuador to the peaks of Cajas national park 14,000 ft above sea level . Students will have the opportunity to contribute to the launch of GSE’s programs in Cuenca, Ecuador, and the growth of our programs in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. For the first time ever we’re offering an optional 4 day, 3 night Galapagos excursion!

In Bahía de Caraquez, Ecuador you’ll work alongside local student leaders in their greenhouses, collaborate on murals, and trek through tropical dry forests supporting reforestation efforts. Enjoy tranquil evenings watching bio-luminescent waves as the sun sets, then adventure across Ecuador to Cuenca.

Set in the majestic Andes mountains, colonial Cuenca is a pristine cobblestoned gem. Get your hands dirty alongside local students as we start a school garden movement in Cuenca. Visit busy artisanal markets, learn local dance, taste the food of the Andes, and explore nearby waterfalls and peaks.

[Optional] Finish the trip with an excursion to the pristine Galapagos. Walk white sand beaches, swim alongside sea turtles and rays in the crystal clear waters where two of the pacific’s major currents meet, trek across the islands that birthed Darwin’s theory of evolution and spot Galapagos giant tortoises, iguanas, blue-footed boobies and more.


The trip costs $4,289, including flights for students traveling to all three locations.

$2,989 to Bahia and Cuenca

Registration and Payment Deadlines
Registration Deadline- 4/21/17 ($299)
First Deposit Due- 4/1/17 ($1,000)
Final Payment Due- 6/1/17 ($4,289)
Interest Meetings Dates
Next Student Interest Meeting: 2/9/17
Time and Place: 6:30pm Webinar RSVP here: http://evite.me/dT41CaB2nJ
Next Parent Interest Meeting: 2/9/17
Time and Place: 6:30pm Webinar RSVP here: http://evite.me/dT41CaB2nJ
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Jordan Shapiro – Travel and Outreach Coordinator

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Sample Itinerary
6/23/17 Arrival Arrive Cuenca, acclimatize to the city with a city tour.
6/24/17 1 Cuenca Spend half the day work day building school gardens with an afternoon full of cultural activities
6/25/17 2 Cuenca Spend half the work day building school gardens and the afternoon cultural activities
6/26/17 3 Cuenca Full work day Barabón Community
6/27/17 4 Cuenca Travel to the Cajas National Reserve and visit an artisan village
6/28/17 5 Transfer Bus to Bahia de Caraquez
6/29/17 6 Bahia Urban reforestation in Maria Auxiliadora
6/30/17 7 Bahia Visit to Finca Aromo, plant trees and expand the progoation infrastructure
7/1/17 8 Bahia Adventures to the mangroves and planting followed by workday at a local high school
7/2/17 9 Bahia Hike in Punta Gorda and exploration of tropical dry forest ecosystem followed by beach fun.
7/3/17 10 Return/Transfer Travel to Guayaquil and either return home or to Galapagos
7/4/17 11 Galapagos Arrival and visit to Playa La Loberia to do a hike and snorkel and see marine creatures such as rays, seals, and more.
7/5/17 12 Galapagos Boat outing to León Dormido, a volcanic island outcropping where you’ll see blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, and numerous sea creatures. Afternoon at Playa Manglecito, a white sand beach where you’ll find sea lions and crystal clear water.
7/6/17 13 Galapagos Day trip to the higher elevation parts of the island where we’ll visit a fresh water lake visited by a host of bird species. Later that afternoon we’ll head out on an expedition to find Galapagos tortoises.
7/7/17 14 Return/Transfer Return to Guayaquil and fly to the US.