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Travel to the colonial city Boaco in the foothills of Nicaragua, and explore this beautiful cowboy town. Sow seeds and dig in the dirt alongside local environmentalists as we develop sustainable agriculture projects at a non-profit clinic outside of Boaco, and spend tranquil evenings listing to the howlers from the ranch hotel. Finish up the trip with a few days relaxing at a volcanic crater lake called Laguna de Apoyo, or at famous Playa Gigante on Nicaragua’s Gold Coast. This is the birth of a youth environmental movement, where students develop technical skills and the drive to change the world.

Sample Itinerary

Note: Itineraries may vary from sample itinerary due to new projects and providers.

Within the municipality of Boaco, we currently work on garden projects in seven schools in the towns and communities of Teustepe, San Diego, Candelaria, Malacatoya, El Balsamo, and El Jocote. We also work on various family garden and reforestation projects in the rural communities of El Balsamo and El Jocote. We are in the process of developing several solar micro-grid and potable water projects in these rural communities as well. Groups will spend their service time supporting several of these projects (may vary).

Day 1 – Depending on arrival time in Managua, participants will spend the night in the capital or will travel directly to the region of Boaco, located 90 minutes away from the airport. Students will stay at a hotel in one of two cities: Boaco or Teustepe. On day one, we’ll do an orientation, then break our and explore the city!

Day 2-4 – Students will travel to one of the various schools or communities, mentioned above, where they will have on-site orientation and team-building activities. Students will interact, play games, and work in collaboration with local students, teachers, and community members. They will then break for lunch at the worksite. After lunch, students will participate in workshops, and will continue to service-work. Some afternoons we’ll break early to visit nearby waterfalls, or play pickup soccer/baseball.

Day 5 – Students will visit Clinica Verde, our model biointensive farm where they’ll learn about the biointensive method.

Day 6-7 – Students will leave the region of Boaco for the adventure portion of the trip. Groups will be at one of two locations:

-Laguna de Apoyo, a gorgeous emerald volcanic crater lake near Granada.

-El Transito, a beautiful beach on the Pacific Coast

Day 8– Travel to Managua, and return home.

I have learned so much about the little things that can help so much. I encourage home gardens and local food.

Megan Warren, El Molino

El Molino

About the community

GSE students in Boaco, Nicaragua develop skills to grow a diversity of food crops and to promote community health in the rural community of Boaco. Through a partnership with Clinica Verde, a non-profit health clinic, we train current and future leaders in nutrition and sustainable agriculture through workshops and demonstrations on a 2-acre organic farm. We model a holistic nutrition- and community-based organic agriculture experiment as a complement to Clinica Verde’s preventative health model. Food from the farm is served to patients and staff through nutrition workshops. We engage doctors in farming practices, medical students in ideas about what nutritional challenges cause poor health, and farmers about how to grow healthy crops and healthy soil.

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