Fundraising and Scholarships

Fundraising is empowering. Many students use our fundraising resources to raise funds to pay for their trip.


GSE provides fundraising support in the form of in-school workshops and fundraising planning resources. GSE students are leaders and ambassadors for the service projects that they travel to. Fundraising provides an opportunity for students to develop their self-advocacy skills. Strategies include letter writing campaigns, GSE chocolate sales, community events, and more.

For a link to our Fundraising Packet click here.


GSE is committed to increasing access to our international service programs. We offer need and merit based scholarships to high school students across all counties. To apply for a scholarship, please download the application below and contact your county’s Program Coordinator.

For a link to our Scholarship Application, click here.

This year we are also offering need based University Scholarships.

For a link to our University Scholarship Application, click here.