Our Mission

GSE trains an international network of future leaders through student action, intercultural exchange, and environmental education.

Our Origin Story

In 2008, Lucas and Jasper Oshun created an innovative program model that combined reciprocal, international service-learning exchanges with year-round local programming focused on youth empowerment, leadership, and stewardship.

The goal was to cultivate socially constructive relationships amongst the world’s youth through inquiry based workshops, international travel, and community development projects. The vision was to allow students to select the projects that they found most necessary and meaningful. 

During GSE’s formative years, student participants, locally and internationally, expressed increased awareness of environmental and agricultural issues facing their communities and each year, programming became more focused on correcting environmental and sustainability problems, until the topics became a cornerstone of GSE’s program model. 

Today we work in 4 countries and nearly 50 high schools, we have engaged over 15,000 young leaders in developing and enacting projects to directly address urgent environmental challenges in their communities. Together, GSE students have made a profound impact on their communities and have driven our organizational growth. In a core conviction to be learners ourselves, our programming is constantly evolving and adapting to our student’s needs, cultural context and current events.


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