Students Cultivate Relationships, Gardens Locally and Across the Globe

La Morinda Weekly

lamorindaweeklyIt is possible there is nothing more “we are the world” than a garden. After all, Mother Nature’s “invisibles” – worms and slugs and imagined crawly things – must till the soil. Older plants must die and enrich the dirt with nutrients. People or the wind must drop seeds. Bees must pollinate. Plant endangering predators must be chased away by birds or gardeners with brooms. The solar system must be enlisted to provide light and trees to offer shade. Water must fall or be plumbed and sprinkled by human hands. And if those hands travel from Ecuador to join hands in Moraga or from Lafayette to celebrate a harvest in Nicaragua, why, there can be no more marvelous globe-spanning happening than a dirt patch’s transformation into a food-producing Eden.

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