Montgomery HS 3/16-3/24 2019

Montgomery HS 3/16-3/24 2019

from 299.00

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

In the heart of this coastal city, students will work alongside local peers in Bahia’s varied garden clubs, visit and learn from local alternative farms, and engage in student leadership projects. Students will enjoy some evening sunset swims and camp at the beach, make lasting intercultural friendships, and adventure through the rich natural resources Ecuador offers.

Exchange Experiences are designed through our core four values: Connect, Learn, Contribute, Reflect

Registration Fee: $299.00, is the registration fee to secure student participation. Remaining Trip Contribution Needed: $2,700.00

You’re fully covered:
Exchange Airfare (35% of contribution)
Purified Water
Cultural Activity Entrance
Educational Activity Entrance
Safety Assessment
Private Bus Transportation
Basic Insurance
Workshops and Training
75% of Biliteracy hours
32 Service hours

A confirmation and detailed schedule of payment along with a complete trip onboarding package will be emailed after completed registration.

Please note, that we support students in fundraising efforts with training. In the case students fundraise a portion of the trip, that amount will be automatically deducted from the total contribution made by you.

Complete Contribution: