Corporate Social Responsibility

Play a key part in creating environmentally conscious leaders, skilled at taking action, and addressing local and global challenges.

Global Student Embassy Corporate Sponsorship Program

GSE staff will work with your company to find the right opportunity to enhance your corporate social responsibility program. Since its foundation, Global Student Embassy has forged partnerships with schools, organizations and companies that share GSE’s vision for a world filled with environmentally conscious leaders, skilled at taking action, and addressing local and global challenges.  Global Student Embassy understands the importance of partnering with companies to multiply the impact of our efforts to address the most pressing issues facing our communities.  Corporate Partners are directly helping Global Student Embassy develop community leaders through action oriented environmental education.

Why Partner with Global Student Embassy



GSE offers a holistic program including cultural exchange and project-based learning rooted in solving urgent ecological problems while building sustainable local and international communities.  There is no other organization or corporation addressing environmental issues and working with communities in this way.  Our model is innovative and it works.



We believe schools can be central hubs of community engagement—by supporting student growth and leadership, families, business leaders, nonprofits, and other community members invest in the health and sustainability of the community for years to come.



Since 2008, Global Student Embassy (GSE) has engaged 7,579 young leaders in developing and enacting projects to directly address urgent ecological issues. Together, GSE students from our partner communities have built 27 school gardens, produced 18,000 pounds of produce for low-income community members, reforested 32,000 native trees, and painted 31 educational murals.

2015-2016 Corporate Partnership Benefits

Global Student Embassy offers partnership benefits that range from planning a garden workday for your employees to prominent company web branding.  GSE’s wide network of supporters and participants gives your company unique opportunities for recognition and promotion.  To find out more email Interim Executive Director, Mallory Bressler, at gro.y1531777298ssabm1531777298etned1531777298utsla1531777298bolg@1531777298yroll1531777298am1531777298.

GSE has helped me realize the potential that my peers and I have to impact the world. There are kids in my community who care and want to unite to address the problems in our world. Together we have the power to create amazing things.

Maya Boone

GSE Student

How Partnership Will Benefit Your Business

Corporate Social Responsibility Enhances Reputation

  • 85% of Americans say they have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.
  • 59% of Americans stated that a company’s commitment to a social issue is important when deciding which stocks or mutual funds to invest in.
  • 69% said it is important when deciding where to work.*

Increases Employee Engagement & Productivity

  • Employees want engagement opportunities: 73% said they wish their company would do more to support a cause or social/environmental issue.*
  • Employee engagement can generate greater pride, loyalty and passion toward the company’s mission, which can increase productivity by up to 43%.**
  • 92% say they feel a strong sense of loyalty to their company (vs. 61% for those who are not involved in employee engagement opportunities).*

Increases Brand Visibility and Marketing Opportunities

  • Partnerships enable mutual benefits of brand placement and marketing opportunities in the form of logo placement, sponsorships, website visibility and word of mouth.
  • Corporate partners will be listed on our corporate page and featured corporations will be exhibited on GSE’s homepage.

*Cone is a strategy and communications agency: 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study

**The Hay Group is a global management consulting firm.

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