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We do stuff here year round: leadership development, environmental education, capacity building

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

GSE’s Eco-Action Education program in Bahia de Caraquez involves 125 students at 4 schools in restoring their local environment and engaging their community in sustainable practices. In the local eco-action clubs students focused on topics like: reforestation, recycling, water scarcity, organic agriculture, climate change, and the effects these issues have on the local community.

The students get together several times a week to work together in the school’s garden and greenhouse. In this time they also plan their own environmental initiatives and how to implement them in their communities. This space is also a learning ground both through the experiential learning and the lessons taught as part of the GSE curricula.

Cuenca, Ecuador

In 2018 GSE will be launching an integrated nutrition education and school garden program in Cuenca, providing hands on projects for students to grow their own organic produce. Even in countries that were once agrarian, young generations are detached from the source of their food. When our students have an important role in growing their own food we see them eat better and care more deeply about their health and the environment. School gardens are a strategic epicenters of learning and leadership creation – they stimulate positive youth involvement and skill building in the topics of organic, bio-intensive gardening, and in effect, food security.


A new phase of GSE programing is underway in the rural and semi-rural communities of Nicaragua. Through youth leadership development, nutrition education, engagement in sustainable agriculture practices, and environmental projects GSE aims to provide both experiential and curriculum-based education in the context of school and community gardens. Under the umbrella of GSE’s Garden and Leadership programs; youth participants meet weekly to engage in dynamic hands-on sessions led by local GSE staff and supported by trained schoolteachers, project partners, and community leaders.

On the ground, our programming takes an ecological approach to food security, water security, climate action, gender equity, wellbeing, and malnutrition and engages community involvement in project planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Our aim is to contribute to sustainable human and community development by training and empowering young people to assume the role of change-agent, generating and promoting social and environmental change at the individual, interpersonal, institutional, and community levels and within the context of current, national public policy.

San Francisco Bay Area

School gardens are the outdoor classrooms where GSE educators lead students in activities that illustrate the connections between their gardens and global environmental issues. Learn about our Garden Program.

For dedicated student leaders, we’ve developed our local Leadership Council, a year-round, bi-monthly program that brings together student leaders from high schools in each region for a chance to design. Learn about our Leadership Program.

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